Large percentage of employers in SA value soft skills

04 Feb 2019

recruitmentAdzuna has revealed that South African recruiters are mostly after soft skills in potential employees – being the human, personal and relational qualities, as opposed to technical skills. In South Africa, soft skills are needed for 80% of job offers.

The skills prioritised by South African recruiters include problem-solving, adaptability and time-management.

One of the most valued soft skills in the country is organisational capacity, which is mentioned in around 10% of all job postings in the country. A second important skill, deemed as a requirement for 8% of recruiters, is rigour. These skills are especially asked for in industries such as IT, engineering and personal services.

Meanwhile, motivation is a soft skill that was mentioned in 8% of all advertised vacancies and it is seen as a pivotal trait for success in sales and real estate.

Outside of South Africa, the demand for soft skills varied. The US was the country which demanded soft skills most, with almost 90% of all job offers mentioning soft skills.

The United Kingdom, France and Germany all perceive soft skills as important. In the UK, 86% of all job offers demand soft skills. On the other hand, 80% of listings mention soft skills in France, while 79% mention soft skills in Germany.

Organisation and motivation are the two most valued soft skills internationally. However, differences were seen when comparing English-speaking countries to their European counterparts.

In English-speaking countries, over a quarter of all recruiters seek organisational skills in candidates – while only 10% do in Italy.

Additionally, being able to network and build relationships while profiting from them professionally is a highly-demanded trait in the US and UK. On the other hand, networking skills are not a requirement in countries such as Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

From the six countries observed in the study, South Africa, the UK and the US were the ones which required creative soft skills the most. This results contrasts with that in the Netherlands, France, and Italy, according to Adzuna.