9 SA universities place among best in emerging markets

17 Jan 2019

university9 South African institutions have ranked among the top universities in emerging markets in a list published by the Times Higher Education.

The THE Emerging Economies University Rankings for 2019 bases its data off of the same indicators as THE World University Rankings – including the quality of teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook – but with additional adjustments which take into consideration the necessities of universities in emerging economies.

There are 442 universities from 43 countries placed on the rankings, with China continuing to dominate the listing. 72 Chinese institutions have made it on the rankings, and four of the top five positions were Chinese universities.

Tsinghua University ranked first on the listing.

India followed as the second country with most universities on the listing – specifically 49, recording an increase from last year’s 42.

Next on the BRICS group, Brazil was the third most-represented and the most-represented Latin American nation, with 36 institutions on the list. However, 17 of these institutions declined from last year’s rankings. Russia, on the other hand, recorded mixed results – with some universities declining and others showing improvement.

South Africa, the final of the group, had 9 of its institutions placed on the listing compared to 8 the previous year.

The University of Cape Town ranked as the first South African university and 9th overall. Wits University followed in 11th place.

Two South African universities improved their rankings from the previous year – Wits climbed up one spot and Stellenbosch University moved up 14 places.

South Africa’s Universities ranked as follows:
1.    University of Cape Town
2.    University of the Witwatersrand
3.    Stellenbosch University
4.    University of KwaZulu-Natal
5.    University of Pretoria
6.    University of Johannesburg
7.    University of the Western Cape
8.    Tshwane University of Technology
9.    University of South Africa

Outside of the BRICS group, THE said that emerging nations across Europe have not shown improvement, whereas several countries in the Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asian regions have advanced.