Fund Platform

The deVere Fund Platform provides online access to a Luxembourg based portal which gives clients the ability to choose from over 200 FSB approved offshore unit trusts, priced in GBP, US$ and Euros.


The system allows clients to research  every fund,  watch fund performance before purchasing, via a shopping basket and set alerts to advise via email when funds have reached pre-determined  performance levels.  Buy and sell instructions are processed instantly, (there is no need to go through a broker) and performance can be monitored 24 hours a day.  The platform also provides access to advice from a trained deVere consultant who can assist in the selection of funds matching your risk profile. If you require  funds, withdrawals  can be made into a bank account anywhere in the world, in a currency of your choice.


Essentially it is a cost effective way of accessing offshore funds,  where  you set your performance goals and the platform constantly monitors the portfolio 24 hours a day and advises when those goals have been reached, leaving you free to concentrate on other things.