About Us

deVere Acuma forms an integral part of the deVere Group of Companies, one of the world’s leading independent financial advisory firms, with over $10bn under advice from more than 80,000 clients around the world.

We help our clients in South Africa to fulfil their financial goals, often exceeding them too. Our qualified consultants work closely with customers to create personalised plans to help them maximise and protect their wealth.

Our comprehensive range of products offer investors a number of benefits, which are often exclusive to deVere Acuma clients. With our market-leading technologies, well-established relationships with the world’s leading financial institutions and the fact that we are suitably authorised and regulated in all the jurisdictions in which we operate, our advisers are able to offer unbiased, unrestricted, independent financial advice. You are able to receive whole-of-the market options, giving you invaluable security and peace of mind.